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Who we are

I.C.E. is a world leading electronics company who specialise in sensor electronics and surrounding infrastructure.

I.C.E. is deploys electronics into the extremist environments, our electronics can be found in cars, in machines, on industrial plants and in space. Our market areas include motorsport, non-destructive test, and wider industry.

As a company we provide ready-made and custom sensor electronic products and world leading engineering design services all backed up with true turnkey electronics manufacturing.

I.C.E. was started in 2014 born out of a desire to use knowledge and expertise to create world leading electronic products of the highest quality for industry and in turn have a net positive impact on society.

We are an engineering-led organisation which aids delivery through the direct application of our combined experience and expertise in our field, both commercially and technically.


Use our combined knowledge and expertise to have a net positive impact on society.


For our electronics to be reporting on every aspect of industry for decades to come.


To take you from reality to the cloud.


ICE Electronics - quality by design
ICE Electronics - drive aids delivery
ICE Electronics - transparency by customer involvement
ICE Electronics - respect to build long-term relationships

The Team

Neil Curry Managing Director at ICE Electronics


Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director of I.C.E. Electronics, Neil is an experienced business leader with a strong technical background. He has a proven record of developing and deploying technology into the most demanding applications such as Motorsport, Automotive, Formula One, Non-destructive test and a range of industrial environments.

Neil holds a master’s degree (MEng) in Electronic and Photonic Communications and completed a PhD specialising in digital electronics and Inductively Coupled Telemetry (ICT) both from the University of Leeds. Neil is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a member of The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Joel Webb Senior Engineer at ICE Electronics


Senior Engineer

Joel became the first engineer to be employed at I.C.E. in 2019 after graduating with First Class Honours as the valedictorian of his Master’s Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

Joel has a proven track record of delivering projects and products to the highest possible quality using his extensive experience in mixed signal circuit simulation, design and manufacture (analogue, digital and RF).
Joel has a keen personal interest in computing, 3D printing, and rock climbing in his spare time and is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Joel plays a lead role in shaping the company’s technical direction and is technical lead for solution delivery across the business.

Toby Herrtage Project Engineer at ICE Electronics


Project Engineer

Graduating with a MEng degree in electronics from the University of York, Toby has spent 18 years working in the electronics sector. Starting out in a graduate position, he has built experience in design and development of electronics products, including PCB design, embedded and application software, and management of projects through production and lifecycle.

Joining in 2022 from a role in technical management, he is now I.C.E.’s Project Engineer, responsible for the co-ordination of project and operational activities across the business.

Gines Vadillo Electronic Engineer at ICE Electronics


Electronic Engineer

Gines is an accomplished Electronic Engineer and Operations Management professional. Gines has a degree in Electronic Engineering (BEng) from Basque Country University and a Masters degree (MSc) in Supply Chain & Logistics. He moved to the UK seeking to further himself and enrich his professional expertise.

As a dedicated member of the UK CIPS, he is leveraging his knowledge and expertise to enhance operations and the supply chain at I.C.E. Electronics.

Gines is part of the Engineering Team and is also responsible for managing I.C.E. Electronics manufacturing and supply chain.

Andrew Knowles Embedded Software Engineer at ICE Electronics


Embedded Software Engineer

Despite recently graduating in 2023, Andrew has a strong background in engineering having served as a vehicle mechanic within the British Army. Though this was his primary role, Andrew diversified his engineering abilities to incorporate radio communications. As his interest in engineering grew, Andrew left Her Majesty’s service to pursue engineering academically and graduated from the University of Leeds with a Masters Degree in Mechatronics & Robotics.

During his studies, he worked alongside the university to deliver practical laboratory demonstrations to students within the fields of Embedded Systems and Digital Electronics & Microprocessors.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys playing bass and hiking across the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District. He is also a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IMechE).

Andrew’s primary focus within I.C.E.’s engineering team is Embedded Software.

Declan Woolley - Technician at ICE Electronics



Declan joined I.C.E. in 2022 from school and is currently undertaking an apprentice to be qualified to Engineering Technician Level 3. He is also undertaking training with the intention of being accredited to perform IPC inspection.

In his spare time Declan enjoys spending time with his son, gaming, learning how to write software and how to fix computers.

Declan core role is to execute I.C.E.’s 100% test and inspection policy, which involves inspection and testing across I.C.E.’s product ranges. Declan also supports the Engineering team on delivery as requirements arise.

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