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Applications – Where We Do It

I.C.E. Electronics creates electronics that go into a wide range of electronic applications, including motorsport, automotive and industrial markets.

Our key market area is surrounding sensors and sensor data, this theme is deployed into many applications across several industries. Everything we do is related to sensors or sensor data and the surrounding infrastructure. 

We are used to embedding electronics into challenging environments. Many of the electronics we create are either embedded into sensors which are immersed in, or close to, operational/process environments. Or, providing monitoring, analysis or logging of sensors in or close to their environment.

We are used to operating within tight specification constraints, whether it is to fit within an extremely small spatial envelope, or to operate for extended periods at extremes of environmental parameters.



Sensor electronics are at the heart of I.C.E. Electronics. We have extensive experience deploying electronics into sensors that go on into many other applications including, motorsport, automotive, down well and industrial applications.

Rotating / Reciprocating Parts

At I.C.E. Electronics we offer unique access to data from rotating and reciprocating parts through our innovative inductive wireless system or/and high fidelity wireless analogue technologies. We have a number of proven solutions that can be tailored to taking measurements from your part.

High Temperature Environments

Many of our customers require their electronics to operate up to 150 °C as standard, some even beyond. We offer design and manufacture capability to create extended temperature electronics that can operate at temperatures including 150°C, 175°C, and 225°C.

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