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Test Equipment

Sometimes your application presents a set of requirements unique to you which requires bespoke test equipment. This may be a desire to measure something new, or a selection of parameters that need measuring and analysing in a certain way that off the shelf equipment cannot handle. This is where we come in.


We have created a number of bench-top systems for use in a lab environment to satisfy customers unique test equipment requirements.

Typically these come in two forms, the first is the requirement for bespoke equipment to do a job in the lab. The second is to prove an approach in the lab before looking to field deployment.

In the dedicated test equipment approach, a bench top system is realised to perform a specific task that cannot be realised using standard equipment, normally complimenting other equipment and in the most cases providing a large channel count.

With complex measurements, to satisfy both business and technical needs there may be a desire to first prove the approach in the lab before deployment into the field.

Creating a bench top system often provides a cost-effective development path to prove the measurement before time and money is spent developing a deployed solution.

This approach differs from the latter as in this case the first design has the end embedded system in mind.

We are used to dealing with both requirements. Please get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.

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