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Condition and Asset Monitoring Hardware

We are ideally suited to creating condition and asset monitor systems that are highly capable and adaptable. Combing our knowledge of sensor electronics, processing, and communication, we are able to create effective condition based asset monitoring solutions.


Condition based monitoring involves using sensors to measure the status of an asset over time while it is in operation. Data collected can be used to establish trends, predict failure, and calculate remaining life of an asset.

Many of our customers take advantage of our expertise in sensor electronics to realise highly effective methods for monitoring.

Integrating a reliable measurement methodology with processing and higher-level communication infrastructure, such as mesh networks or Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity, allows for the creation of easy to deploy monitoring solutions.

Using our expertise, existing design portfolio, new technology and software tools we are ideally placed to create an effective system to meet your requirements.

Do you have a requirement for asset monitoring hardware?

Get in touch and we will provide a rapid response, meet delivery timescales, and create the solution you need. In the long term, we want to become a valuable and reliable supply chain partner, supporting your product throughout its life cycle.