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Sensor electronics are at the heart of I.C.E. Electronics. We have extensive experience deploying electronics into sensors that go into many applications including, motorsport, automotive, downwell and industrial.

At I.C.E., we understand the importance of sensors. We know that any system is only as good as its input. Without accurate, reliable, repeatable measurements, higher level functionality cannot be built and relied upon.

We are used to interfacing with the real world in its rawest electrical form and providing mechanisms for compensating primary sensor inputs with secondary or tertiary signals.


  • Load cell (Strain/torque) interface/amplifiers:- From programmable amplifiers offering polynomial thermal process correction to high precision differential acquisition.
  • Pressure gauge amplifiers: – Programmable amplifiers offering the ability for automated polynomial thermal process correction to high precision differential acquisition.
  • Temperature (PT1000, NTC and k-type) including linearisation:- Compensated amplifiers offering a high degree of accuracy in a small package to dedicated acquisition with cable compensation.
  • Acceleration and gyroscopic sensors: – A range of performance devices from single axis analogue to Inertial Measurement Units.
  • Speed and tooth detection systems: – Tooth detection systems from one-per rev pulse output to digitisers and complex signal analysis.
  • Displacement though LVDS and hall effect technologies: – A range of both inductive position and hall effect solutions to fit your need.
  • Angle of rotation using hall effect and encoders: – A range of magnetic and hall effect rotational position solutions.
  • Power (voltage and current) for metering or control: – From simple on/off detection to detailed 3-phase supply analysis.
  • Anything that outputs a voltage, current or digital value.

We are used to providing industry standard outputs including analogue (0-5V, 0-10V, 0.5V – 4.5V and 4-20mA) and digital (CAN, USB and RS-485) outputs.

We have a great deal of experience in measurement electronics, if what you are looking for isn’t here then please get in touch.

Got a moving target?

If you have a moving target you want to take a measurement from please get in touch.