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Sensor electronics are at the heart of everything we do, here at I.C.E. Electronics. And with increases in demand and the rapid growth of the company, we were thrilled to be included on the KTN’s Sensor Technology Landscape Map of the UK.

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Putting Sensor Electronics on the Map

Sensors are a fundamental part of modern life. They are everywhere – monitoring environments and reporting back important data. They create a safer world for us to live in, while most people get on with their lives oblivious to the tiny tech around them.

Sensors gather data from their surroundings, even in places that humans can’t easily reach. They can operate at extreme temperatures, in small spaces and under water. So it’s no surprise that there is more and more demand for innovation in the sensor technology sector. 

But how do you go about finding the perfect sensor for your business? Do you have a sensor that needs processing and compensation to provide useful information?

Connecting the UK’s Sensor Technology Community with Manufacturing Stakeholders

With support from other organisations in the industry, such as Innovate UK, KTN has developed a comprehensive landscape map for the UK’s sensing technology community. This includes industrial companies, service providers and other key stakeholders. It’s a new interactive tool that is set to provide a main point of reference in the sensor technology sector. It maps the capability of over 600 businesses in the industry and we are pleased to be included in that number. 

The mapping tool aims to provide the most complete view of sensor technology to date and deliver quality insights. Its ultimate goal is to serve as a bridge between the UK’s sensor technology community and manufacturing stakeholders, matching high-quality electrical engineers with manufacturers and beyond.

The Sensor Technology Map of the UK

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Sensor Technology is the Bedrock of the Business

Sensor electronics is where we shine the most brightly, so we really feel that we bring a certain something to the Sensor Technology map, not just in the UK, but internationally. 

Our engineers have extensive knowledge of sensor technologies, combined with embedded electronics and system design. We provide solutions that operate in many environments, such as motorsport, automotive, downwell and industrial equipment sensing. We are used to working within small spatial envelopes and work hard to enable easy integration.

We’ve been carving a path across the landscape of sensor technology since the company’s inception nearly ten years ago. And despite being a relatively small team (albeit one that’s growing rapidly), between us we have over 40 years’ combined experience and knowledge to bring to the table. 

In fact, earlier this year, we introduced the I.C.E. Wireless Link. A smart piece of wireless telemetry that can provide accurate measurements and reliable communications from multiple sensors. This innovative new design was born of our understanding of sensors and the importance of their accuracy. It was designed for quick deployment and offers customers a cost-effective method of acquiring sensor data.

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We are a world-leading sensor electronics company. So we are very happy to have been included in the UK’s first sensor technology mapping tool.

Neil Curry

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