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Discover the palm-sized radio wireless telemetry kit that gives you the ability to measure a wide range of sensors in real time.

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Wireless Telemetry – Measuring Your Data from those Hard-to-Reach Places

Whether the business you’re in is big or small, there’s one commodity we never have enough of: time. Every second of your working day counts and it’s one thing to streamline your own action plan, but there are always restrictions when it comes to other staff members, supplier lead times and your technology. It’s frustrating when external factors stop you from getting the results you want, especially when you have clients chomping at the bit for updates and in depth reporting. And that’s before you even take supply chain issues into consideration… that component shortage isn’t going to improve any time soon, for a start. 

Data acquisition is imperative for many businesses to succeed. More than ever, it’s important to gather and measure your data accurately, whether it’s for monitoring purposes, or for detailed analysis during testing. And in many situations wiring a signal link can be time consuming, adding weight and system complexity. Then when it comes to choosing the correct technology, it can be hard to understand what specification parameters take priority or are important in your application.


There’s only so much you can control other human beings, but when it comes to your equipment, you have the power to choose the products that will make you as efficient as possible. Wireless telemetry is a great way to keep on top of your data without breaking the bank. If anything it will save you money and most definitely free up some of your time.

Wireless sensing has gradually been replacing many wired systems in industry. Wireless telemetry makes it easier to monitor your data in real time, keeping you ahead of the curve. And without those pesky wires holding you back, it can enable you to take measurements from physically hard-to-reach places. Even from something that’s moving.

At I.C.E., we get a lot of requests for wireless telemetry for sensors that can deliver accurate results without compromise. Of course, we can design bespoke products to match individual customers’ needs, and often do. But the I.C.E. Wireless Link has unrivalled versatility. It can be adapted to suit most sensor requirements and can be put into practice much sooner than a completely redesigned product. For that reason, it’s also incredibly cost effective, without any loss of quality. Why reinvent the wheel when there’s a much faster way for you to get your hands on your data?


The I.C.E. Wireless Link

Our wireless telemetry provides accurate measurements and reliable communication from multiple sensors without the need for wiring, lowering implementation costs. It’s incredibly versatile, quickly adding value to sensor data in myriad industries and applications, including oil and gas, automotive, transportation, agriculture, water management, defence and energy… to name but a few.

A single link can support the transfer of two analogue and two frequency/digital channels over 250 metres at data rates of up to 100Hz.

Its analogue front end can interface with most industry standard analogue signals and sensors, including  0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA and Wheatstone bridges. With the benefit of both single ended differential inputs, embedded programmable amplifiers and two constant current sources, the I.C.E. Wireless Link can connect with your sensors with the mere click of a button.

The radio link itself has been designed with flexibility in mind; with configurable transmission and reception levels, these modules can achieve a range of up to 250m (and even further with an external antenna). With a range like that, what’s not to love? Wireless Telemetry is a no-brainer these days, so it’s no surprise that the I.C.E. Wireless Link is highly in demand.

The I.C.E. Wireless Link is a super fast way to deploy a semi-custom wireless telemetry solution, solving data problems cost-effectively.

Joel Webb

The I.C.E. Wireless Link has been designed for efficiency; with its reliable connection and programmable analogue front end, it provides complete flexibility and dynamic range. It supports the transfer of two analogue and two frequency channels over 250 metres at data rates of up to 100Hz. It can also operate at temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as +85°C.

The I.C.E. Wireless link can be configured to either transmit or receive for easy application deployment. Find out more information in the datasheet, or for quick reference, download our product guide below.

Download the I.C.E. Wireless Link Product Guide or Data Sheet to learn more


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